Leadership (R)evolution

The Executive Program is supporting leaders throughout the current global changes and challenges, helping to improve the quality and integrity of their decisions, making a positive difference whilst creating sustainable results above expectations living a peaceful and happy life.

The program is game-changing for leaders having the courage to expand consciousness by sharpen their intuition and heightening their awareness. The program offers life changing leadership tools inspiring and encouraging new ways of changing the human conscious and evolutionary mindset. A mindset-change giving access to unlimited resources assisting your vision.

Trust. Communication. Collaboration. Great and future leadership requires all three competences. In this eight-day transformative program in the beautiful nature and uplifting energy in the Sinai Desert and Mountains in Egypt you will explore your intuitive source and inner power, and developing your personal leadership style that inspires co-creation and sustainable innovation.


The Executive Program will help you as a leader to:

›› Expand mindset and sharpen intuition to think, choose and act differently.
›› Access insights and sustainable solutions to achieve exceptional results.
›› Commit to co-creation and social awareness to generate a positive impact in the world.


As a leader you are faced with changes and making challenging decisions every day. Often these decisions are complex with many factors to be considered. During the Executive Program you will learn to trust your intuition and sharpen your intuitive decision-making process helping to improve the quality and integrity of your decisions.


Communicating coming from the intuition is among the most powerful and yet undeveloped and underutilized skills at a leader’s disposal. During the Executive Program you will be introduced to intuitive communication fundamentals (conscious/unconscious, verbal/non-verbal, energetic alignment) as well as providing opportunities to practice and further develop this competence.


Risk are increasingly on the agenda for today’s leaders and the ability to collaborate is becoming a key driver of value creation to turn risk into opportunities. During the Executive Program you will explore how to create a strong collaborating team with access to intuitive insights prepared for sustainable innovation for creating exceptional results.


Rikke Topp is a former top director of a multinational company. With more than 15 years of executive leadership experience she has a proven ability to develop leadership teams and organisation. Today she is executive advisor in the company Life Component. Rikke is the author of the books: ”From managing director to energetically leader” and ”(R)evolution of your personal leadership”. After having spent one week alone in silence in the Sinai desert in January 2017, Rikke decided to move from Denmark to Egypt.


Mohamed Soliman is the local bedouin partner currently managing hotels in Dahab. Mr. Soliman has an extensive desert experience and he will lead a group of professional bedouins assisting during the course days in the desert. The bedouins are ancient people, creating a livelihood and a culture in stark desert conditions. Many bedouins are still living in the mountains and in the desert, upholding their heritage and maintaining their identity. Today, adapting to the modern environment, they still hold dear the values of honour, generosity and hospitality and there are cooking traditional bedouin food over fire and drinking sweet black tea.

The Executive Program is designed for leaders with the drive and desire to take their leadership skills to a game-changing level and their life into a more meaningful direction.
September 19-28, 2019.
Dahab / Sinai Peninsula / St. Catarina, Egypt.
September 19: Arriving to Sharm El Sheikh / Hotel Dar Dahab, Dahab
September 20-21: Hotel Dar Dahab, Dahab, Egypt (single room with shower)
September 22-25: Sinai Desert Camp, Sinai Desert, Egypt (private tent)
September 26-27: Bedouin Camp, St. Catherina, Egypt (single room with shower)
September 28: Leaving from St. Catherina / Sharm El Sheikh
DKK xx,000 per person exclusive of VAT
Program tuition includes 8 executive program days, accommodations, trips, meals and course materials. Flight ticket to and from Egypt (Sharm el Sheikh) and transfer to Dahab is not included.
Breakfast at Hotel Dar Dahab / Sinai Desert Camp / Bedouin Camp
Study / lecture
Session I
The power of the intuition
Session II
Intuitive communication
Lunch at Hotel Dar Dahab / Sinai Desert Camp / Bedouin Camp
Session III
Leading changes with trust
Session IV
Intuitive decision-making style
Dinner at Hotel Dar Dahab / Sinai Desert Camp / Bedouin Camp
Study / lecture
For more information, or to apply to the Executive Program, please contact us at [email protected]

Intuition is your natural intelligence and your ability to understand something immediately,
without the need for conscious reasoning. Your intuition allows you to see ahead of the curve,
to communicate powerfully by trusting yourself and your surroundings, and to generate innovative ideas.
It is the natural skill that has the ability to guide you to greater business,
sustainable innovation and carrier and life satisfaction.

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