Leadership (R)evolution

The Mentoring Program is a unique personal development opportunity providing
an inclusive approach to your own personal and professional expansion.
This one-on-one process is a deep coaching partnership helping you be all that you can be.

The Mentoring Program realizes and activates the hidden capacities of your potential, and provides insights into significant shifts in your personal and professional interests and intentions.
The program is open to a limited number of candidates each year.

The Mentoring Program will help you as a leader/executive to:

›› Recognize the capabilities that each individual has and helps to refine them.
›› Clarify visions and create a course of action that is consistent with the values and goals.
›› Make extraordinary and dramatic growth and realization of projects and intentions.


The Mentoring Program is comprehensive and you become an expert in your own development through state-of-the-art training and practices.

The program includes:

›› A year of coaching, exercises and focus on the area or areas most important to you.
›› Initial orientation interviews during which you and Rikke Topp establish the purpose and intention for your work.
›› One-hour calls twice a month to continue the counseling,updates, and feedback
›› 4 personal workdays of 4-hour sessions with Rikke Topp.
›› Homework that prepares you for ongoing stages of your development as well as the execution of your main projects and intentions.
›› Exploration of new projects and life choices that are more in alignment of who and what and where you are in your life’s journey.


Rikke Topp is a unique mentor with and extensive leadership experience. She has been counselling leaders accomplished significant shifts in their thinking and been creating breakthrough programs that empower individuals and organizations to be and do more of what they were created for. Furthermore, Rikke is the author of the books: ”From managing director to energetic leader” (2013), ”(R)evolution of your personal leadership” (2015) and “Who am I?” (2017).


The mentoring programs is for those who feel that they can be change agents and want to clarify their lives, their roles and create significant contributions in their personal and professional life to generate a positive impact in the world.


If you feel a call to enter the life changing Mentoring Program with Executive Advisor Rikke Topp, then  email us at [email protected] or contact our office at +45 7023 1390. Download flyer click here.

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