Title: To Be Perfectly Honest
Author: Morten Toft

The desire and the obligation to be authentic becomes greater and greater, as we humans become more and more conscious. This holds true whether you are a chief executive or business leader in the workplace, or a teacher, a politician, a parent, or simply the individual you are. The desire to leave authentic and trustworthy footprints and to be a role model for your children and grandchildren.

This book is about the ability to live out your values and be authentic. Which is not always easy to do in practice. The author believes that, to an ever increasing degree, we need to focus on our core values and become more conscious of what they mean for us deep down. By doing so, our dreams and goals will be realized through the impetus of our values – with more flow and synchronicity.

The book points out the importance of taking responsibility for your own life and those projects that are within your sphere of influence. Responsibility that comprehends actions that will affect the next generation and those to follow. It is about being honest with yourself and others and committing yourself to concrete actions that will lead to a more prominent and authentic demeanour.

The first part of the book comes like a shot in the arm, whereby you suddenly see your life through new eyes. The second part of the book describes quite concretely how you can learn to put your words into action and thereby realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Here, the concepts of proactive planning, high performance team-building and giraffe language are introduced as effective tools to this end. The third part of the book describes the obstacles you can meet along the way – internal and external resistance.

The strength of the book is in its many examples and exercises – as well as the honesty with which the author presents his message. The book is infused with a fundamental respect for life, which the author Morten Toft has gleaned from, among other places, the wisdom of India.

Download the book here.



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